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News Update Bulletin May 2023

19 May 2023

News Update Bulletin May 2023

The last few months has pointed us all in a different direction to add confusion to a changing world. Energy prices soared in the winter and inflation ran wild, giving rise to industrial action, strikes, NHS workers being turned from heroes’ to zeros in government thinking (I did not see any of us banging saucepans whilst they were attempting to right wage claims from over three years ago) and lawyers going on strike (frankly no one gave a damn here, especially us in the music industry). During this period, we have seen the birth of AI and the world it appears is doomed as Arnie returns with Skynet to exterminate us all. Well again, quite frankly if we are all going to hell in handcart it may as well roll out like a Hollywood blockbuster instead of ‘bad cold’ that Covid has turned into.

But the world keeps turning and despite Greta’s pleas, we all still throw away far more than we need do and to then re-order it the day after, which arrives in an even larger box! Go figure. Guessing even Amazon drivers will one day will be replaced by ‘bots’ and ‘drones’ – at least they won’t chuck your order over the neighbour’s gate! Gawd bless the British worker!

One Media’s own Rick Bucker (drummer with the Jam), now promoting his various books and Q&A sessions nationwide was our guest at the Colosseum at the performance of fellow ’70S enfant terrible, Stuart  Copeland and his Orchestral “deranged” music of the Police. An amazing show, which if it comes back to London, I urge you to see Stuart as he is an amazing drummer & d’Arranger it turns out, and very lively on stage. It’s also amazing who you bump into at these gigs, – Level 42’s Mark King who also started as a drummer!

We were also very pleased to attend Tony Christies 80th Birthday concert at the Boisdale in Canary Wharf. Tony, in true professional style did not miss a beat and can still hit the notes that matter. However, he still has not found his way to Amarillo! And great to meet Tony’s wife Sue.

Finally, our thoughts are with National treasure Anita Harris who sadly lost husband Mike, after 50 years of marriage just being celebrated. As a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (LFRSA), creator of Catgrafıika and as creative director in advertising, Mike became Anita’s record producer (Just Loving You) and her manager in the mid-1960s. Margolis was a record producer, writer and painter and created Harris’s Victorian thriller detective series The Casebooks of Verity Lake. The entire team of One Media send you our love Anita. You are a great friend to us as we are to you. Click here to hear Anita read a selection of children stories she recorded especially for us.

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